Wellness Tuscany
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We welcome you into our Wellness Center.

Surrounded by the beauty of the Tuscan hills , you will discover an elegant haven of peace ideal for recovering energy and health.

Our Spa offers guests a wide choice of treatments and massages ; choose the one that most intrigues you or let our highly qualified staff guide youin to the discovery of sweet and innovative treatments designed to restore the body and regenerate the mind.




Turkish Bath : The traditional Calidarium, or Turkish bath, derived from ancient Anatolia, has no particular counter-indications.
It is functional during Summer and during Winter, it clears the respiratory tracts, relaxes the muscles and makes skin neat and plain, ready for massages and a pleasant peeling.

In Villa La Borghetta’s Wellness Spa you may find everything needed for your Steam Bath: typical oriental slippers, bathrobe and products of ancient oriental tradition.

Stay in the Steam Bath: Cost € 15,00

Relax Massage:

  • Laying down on one’s stomach position, combined relaxing and drain massage for legs and back muscles
  • Laying down on one’s back position, nape, cervical, head massage and visage compress with mint essential oil, followed by abdomen and upper limbs massages
  • The treatment ends with a plantar reflexology treatment

Length 60 minutes – Cost € 60,00

Stone Massage: Warm stones are put on the body offering a deep and pleasant vibration of energy. The massage stimulates blood circulation and helps muscles to relax more nimbly. The warm stones help expanding blood-vessels, discharging toxins and softening the musculature.

Length 60 minutes – Cost € 60,00

No Stress Massage: Concentrated on the main body stress zone, as nape, neck and shoulders.

Length 30 minutes – Cost € 38,00

Relaxing Back Massage: Concentrated on the lumbar, dorsal and cervical zone, it is proper to all kind of problems related to posing muscular tensions.

Length 30 minutes – Cost € 38,00

Aromatic Massage with Essential Oils: A wise use of the preferred essence, mixed with almond oil, helps both physical and mental relaxing.

Length 60 minutes- Cost € 60,00

Drainage Treatment: The classic massage procedure with light touches that stimulate the lymph system. It is suitable in order to prevent cellulites and water retention.

Length 60 minutes- Cost € 60,00

Hydrating Face Treatment :

-Cleaning treatment;
-Natural scrub;
-Relaxing face massage
-Hydrating mask with Aloe extract

Length 30 minutes- Cost € 38,00

Fit-cosmetic Natural Face Treatment : The energy of nature on your face by a cleaning treatment, natural scrub, relaxing face massage, plus:

-Regenerating phial application,
-Vitamin shining mask,
-Hydrating vegetal extracts apply.

Length 60 minutes- Cost € 60,00

Bio-tonic Face Treatment: Revitalizing treatment with anti-age lifting effects:

  • Face cleaning dealing
  • Anti-age mask
  • Reactive and hydrating action

Length 60 minutes- Cost € 60,00

Hawaian Body Treatment – The art of body spoiling and cuddling :

-Full body saline scrub based on Hawaian Red Salt, riched of mineral oil and oligoelements, gives high wellbeing and purification and restores quickly skin balances. (15 Minutes);
-toning and slendering phial application;
-Hawaii Cataplasm: body compress with seaweeds and Hawaian Red Salt. (25 Minutes);

Detergent Shower or Jacuzzi.

Length 90 minutes – Cost € 90,00

Plantar Riflessology : The feet are an elected area full of  “reflected points”, strictly connected with other parts of Your body.

Plantar Riflessology (a massage technique practised only with inches) gives the possibility,  interacting on “reflected points”, to restore lost balances, to prevent various troubles and to maintain Your wellbeing.

Length 30 minutes – Cost € 38,00

Shiatsu massage : Length 60 minutes – Cost  € 60,00

Shiatsu massage therapy, also known as acupressure, is a finger pressure massage technique. The therapist applies pressure with his thumbs, finger, and palms; sometimes therapist can use his arms, knees and feet pressing specific areas of the client’s body that have been determined during an assessment period during the first part of the massage session. Massage techniques like tapping, squeezing, rubbing, and applied pressure are applied along the meridians to unblock energy blockages and reintroduce the optimal flow of vigour and power. It grant deep muscle and tissue relaxation, stress reduction and management, increased flexibility, reduces mental anxieties, calms nervousness etc.


  • Spa Package 1 : cost: euro 120,00

-Hammam: the refined Steam Bath pleasure
-Stone Massage
-Hydrating Face Treatment

  • Spa Package 2 : cost: euro 135,00

-Hammam: the refined Steam Bath pleasure
-Lymphatic Drainage Treatment
-Bio-Tonic Face Treatment

  • Spa Package 3 (total length 110 minutes) cost: euro 80,00

-Turkish Bath
-Relax Massage
-Stay in Relaxing Room

  • Spa Package 4 : (total length 100 minutes) cost: euro 100,00

-Hammam: the refined Steam Bath pleasure
-Relaxing Back Massage
-Hydrating Face Treatment

  • Spa Package 5 : (total length 150 minutes) cost: euro 115,00

-Turkish Bath
-Aromatic Massage with Essential Oils
-Bio-Tonic Face Treatment
-Stay in Relaxing Room

  • DAILY ENTRANCE : Entrance to the Swimming Pool Area (during the summer season ) and to the Wellness Centre including: Panoramic Relax Area with Heated Jacuzzi, Turkish bath, Finnish Sauna, Emotional Showers and Infusions Room

EUR 20.00 per person